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Yvonne Iyer

Independent Director

Yvonne Iyer is the founder and CEO of Yin Connect (YinC), a boutique consultancy focused on encouraging and assisting small to medium sized business in South Africa and the rest of Africa to find and secure international business and trade opportunities. YinC connects local SMME;s with international business partners, funders and investors to help them grow. Her business philosophy is to create partnerships that ignite purposeful sustainable solutions.As part of her YinC consultancy, Yvonne has partnered with Senior Experten Services (SES)- the Foundation of German Industry for International Cooperation a non-profit organisation, to bring expert mentors from Germany to assist local businesses. Yvonne has behind her a wealth of experience gained from over 10 years of working at the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Southern-African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Key skills gained from these organisations include international trade and investment relations, communications and negotiations, leadership and stakeholder management, in-depth knowledge and understanding of SMME challenges and needs, and managing multiple collaborations across regional, national and international borders.Qualifications: BBA (University of South Africa), Local Economic Development (Hons Level, University of Kwa-Zulu Natal), Masters in Commerce – Course work completed and passed. Incomplete thesis (University of Kwa-Zulu Natal) ‍