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Enabling Intra-African Trade

Enterprising Africa Regional Network (Pty) Ltd  "EARN" was formed with the aim and purpose of creating an enabling environment for African Entrepreneurs to grow profitable sustainable businesses that will compete regionally, nationally and internationally.

Making a choice to impact the world

Enterprising Africa Regional Network Proprietary Limited (“EARN”) is a South African registered private for-profit, but purpose driven organisation. It was established in September 2014 specifically with an overriding goal of creating global impact through the development of a new generation of successful young African Entrepreneurs from different backgrounds that would develop and run successful and sustainable global businesses to create jobs and bring about prosperity. Africa has the advantage of a growing young population that would be a source of ongoing expertise and a market for various products and services.

EARN aims to work with these young people to identify opportunities and then develop and run
successful businesses around them.

This would enable the African youth from various backgrounds to be self-reliant, and be able to:

EARN a decent living,
EARN independence and respect,
EARN dignity and pride, and
EARN the continent the respect it deserves.

social Promise

EARN operates in line with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs).  Focusing on SDG 2 (Zero Hunger), and through its agriculture subsidiary, African Greeneurs Proprietary Limited (“AG”), EARN aims to develop young African men and women into successful agripreneurs who will be able to responsibly establish and manage successful growth-oriented agri-enterprises. We have developed ways to make agriculture exciting to attract young people to the agriculture sector.

Creating Business out of Agriculture

EARN is self-funded, and to self-sustain, EARN as a Group, also owns its own commercially operated business entities. In agriculture EARN, through AG, has its own farms.  The farms are operated using Climate friendly farming methods. Thus, the candidates would be exposed to real world best practices.

We have an 8.5-hectare farm in Centurion, where we grow fresh produce in tunnels and shadenet house.  This is also where we provide training and development of young agripreneurs.

We also have a 100-hectare farm in Ekurhuleni, where we grow cut flowers, mainly chrysanthemums and some Lisianthus.

We have fully equipped multi-span greenhouses covering 6 hectares under cultivation and a packhouse.  

We are expanding the operations in Ekurhuleni by adding more food production.


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Our Operating Entities

Other than in Agriculture, we also have operating businesses in Technology, Business Support Solutions and Property.
EARN has moved from a one-man team in 2014 to currently having a strong workforce of about 150 people that collectively manage and operate the Group’s four subsidiary companies.

In so doing we are demonstrating what is possible.

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