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EARN Biz Solutions a division that operates as a one stop shop offering 360° Business Support Solutions to EARN’s operating subsidiary companies, which include products that will help the Focus to remain on the core business needs to grow successful, sustain-able businesses.

With the aim and purpose of attracting African young men and women from various back grounds and developing them into successful Entrepreneurs, African Lakeside Properties is a division that has been form within the Property / Hospitality Sector, as this fits well with agriculture and the food sector.

African Technopreneurs is a techstart-up EARN Group company using digital technology to fulfil it’s long term of developing a Permis-sionless Africa focusing on the use of innovative technology to develop, support and promote tech-no-entrepreneurs, especially un-employed youth, in the tech-business sector, with it’s current focusing the VR/XR soace.

African Greeneurs (Pty) Ltd (“AG”)is a GlobalGAP Certified training farm. We develop Agripreneurs who will be able to independently establish, run and maintain profit-able and sustainable Agri-enterprises, producing fresh nutrient-dense food while creating economic independence and alleviating poverty within their community.

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